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Miley Cyrus 'Feels Herself' in Rap Cameo for will.i.am

Image via Vevo

Miley Cyrus could very well be the next rapper to be featured on all the hottest tracks...

Exhibit A: Mike WiLL Made It's video for '23' [WATCH HERE]!

Exhibit B: will.i.am's new video for 'Feelin' Myself' [BELOW]!

She was also recently featured in Future's slow jam 'Real and True,' wearing a glittery, space-inspired birthday suit.

Miley steals the spotlight in all these videos without twerking! It makes you wonder if everyone is riding the coattails of Cyrus for Vevo Certification.

Seems like everything she touches turns to over 100 million views...

Anyways, check out Miley feeling herself:


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