Ken Evans

Ken Evans

Man Falls For Phone Thief

We've seen stories where phone thieves get caught, because the photos they're taking get automatically uploaded to the victim's computer.  But this is definitely a new twist. 

Back in April, 24-year-old Niklaus Knect of Windisch, Switzerland fell asleep on a train, and woke up to find someone had snatched his phone.  He chalked it up as a loss, got himself a new phone, and moved on. 

But suddenly someone started taking photos from his old phone, without realizing they would auto-upload to his computer.  And the person taking the photos was . . . an attractive woman.

Niklaus says it looks like she's in Morocco.  And he doesn't think she stole the phone, he thinks she bought it from whoever stole it from HIM (yeah right).

But the more photos of her he saw (click HERE) on his computer, the more ATTRACTED to her he became.  So now he doesn't care if the woman keeps his stolen phone as long as she's willing to GO OUT with him.

He's hoping that by publicizing this on Facebook and in the media, someone will recognize the girl and get them in touch with each other. 

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