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I KNEW when Bart Baker sent that pic out on Instagram
last week of him done up to look like Miley Cyrus that he
was workin on another one of his not-so-nice parodies.
Not only does he rip Miley's "Wrecking Ball" but he has
guest appearances from Steve O and Ron Jeremy in it.

This Bart guy REALLY doesn't like Miley cause just back
in July he made this version of "We Can't Stop"

Ok so how could this blog POSSIBLY get ANY better?
By posting something "private" from Roast Beef Ashley's phone!
She doesn't know that I know about it but she's on VINE alot
and always secretive about it, now I know why....

...she has OBVIOUSLY fallen madly in love with Drunk Jon's
twerking skills he shows off behind Greenville Tavern's at 3am. lol


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