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Is 11 y/o Rapper Paying Tribute or Disrespecting Notorious BIG?

Is 11 year old "Matty B" totally disrespecting the memory
of Notorious B.I.G.'s classic old skool song "Juicy"?

I'll be honest, my first reaction when I first saw this
video - it REALLY REALLY pissed me off !!

Aside from the fact that "Juicy" was released 20 years
ago in 1994 & this kid wasn't even born until 2003,
this "tribute" to Biggie is actually more like a parody.
He's inserting his own name and has re-worked lyrics
actually comparing himself to Biggie?? WTF??

Notorious BIG wrote this song reflecting on the true
struggle he faced & the things he went through to get to
where he did. The things he ended up getting killed for.
This is a little rich kid from Atlanta with a camera,
a computer & a You Tube account.  It's disrespectful.

And the "juice n cookies Chuck E Cheese"
playground-like theme throughout the video...

I am NOT hating on this kid. If you watch his other videos,
there's clearly decent talent here (for an 11 year old).
He already has
more than 900 million video views,
2.2 million YouTube subscribers, 5 million followers on
Facebook & Twitter combined plus MattyB was recently
named one of 2013 Top 21 Under 21 by Billboard.

But the decision to cover/parody/tribute THIS song,
in this manner is a HUGE FAIL by both Matty B &
his parents who manage him.
Just my thoughts....

(image: YouTube)


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