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Hooch Is Back This Week, Holmes Dug Up ALL The Old Evidence

In the Spring of 2007, some sort of bad karma we had comin
showed up in the form of HOOCH. He quickly became the third
member of the Freak Show. Later that summer,
"Big Mac had to go away for a while" is all we were told.
Hooch had some big shoes to fill, they stunk like hell even,
but Hooch stepped up and became co-host of the Freak Show.
The show quickly spiralled into an ISH show,
cameras always taking piucture evidence.

That's I'm doing here today, shopwing you the pictures
that HOOCH NEVER wanted out there.. including,
who did he MAKE OUT WITH IN PUBLIC that will embarrass him and...
we got him humping things... and oh yeah, THIS VIDEO
of HOOCH gettin a Brazilian done on his manjunk
live on the air LOL. ENJOY!

this was a FreakShow Foam Party at Margarita Grill !
Maybe Hooch will tell you what he did in the foam.

Found this embarassing Boy Scout skit video Hooch made as a kid


CLICK THE CAMERA to see the CRAZY ISH we did and to read
about the drama queen Hooch was and had a big addiction to.
at the end see the pic of HOOCH MAKING OUT WITH ?? NO WAY!!



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