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Get $$ Then Save It In A 'Rick Ross Ricky Bank' Piggy Bank

Hustle hard, get money, save money with
Hip-Hop’s most expensive coin bank.
now available for just...  $4999.99!
(FREE SHIPPING with your order!)!


The bank is made of a 3D printed 420 Stainless Steel
and is 70% steel & 30% bronze although you can
buy a
Solid Gold, Silver, or Black Ceramic Version.


The RICKY BANK PIGGY BANK is dishwasher safe,
watertight, and heat resistant to 1528ºF degrees.

(IMAGES: used with permission from creator Brandon Hixon)

And if Ricky doesn't inspire you to save that paper,
coming soon are the
Biggie Bank & The Diddy Bank.


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