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Holmes & The FreakShow - Fr[W]eekNight Radio

These have been available for a while now but if you
haven't seen em yet, you may find them VERY useful.
They are simple browser plug-ins that will BLOCK
things you are seriously sick of seeing:

The NO CYRUS plug-in from Virtual Architects hides all mentions
of Miley Cyrus, Twerking & her other ridiculous words!
The Current Wordlist includes: Miley Cyrus,
Miley Ray Cyrus, Twerk / Twerking, Wrecking Ball.
NO CYRUS even blurs out all Miley Cyrus related images!
Tired of seein her on her wrecking ball?
Then update your plugin!
And just because they can't be left out:
Kim Kardashian & Kardashians are also blocked
[CLICK HERE] FOR Google Chome browser plug-in
[CLICK HERE] to read more about the plug-in

Or maybe you'd like MORE Miley? Want her twerking on
every page you go to? [CLICK HERE] for that plug-in

There's also a Chrome plug-in to scrub another person
we're all tired of seein on our computer screens -
Chris Brown - from the internet. Permanently.
Making the internet Chris Brown free.
[CLICK HERE] for the CHRIS BROWNOUT plug-in.

Wanna block everything Nickleback?

And of course there's one to block Justin Bieber.
It's called the SHAVED BIEBER plug-in lol seriously.
[CLICK HERE] for the Firefox or Chrome browser plug-ins.


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