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Bad Breath, Bed Bugs, even STD's...available as XMas Gifts!

If you don't have a slightly twisted sense of humor like we do
here on The FreakShow, then there's no need for you to
read any further. A few of these Plushies types will make
you go "Whooooah too far", if they do, immediately back
up & remind yourself that they are JUST PLUSHIES.

Plushies are perfect for that pain in the *** little brother,
that guy at work that always thinks he's funny when he's
actually offensive or maybe p*** off that ex GF or BF.
You need to get them one of these cute, cuddly STD or
incurable disease PLUSHIES from ThinkGeek.com.

Hi too all the slightly twisted sense of humor people who made
it down this far. Now if you're still sayin right now "I don't know bro,
the Herpes one is goin too far I think". Ok, let's say you're right
and it goes too far... even so I bet you can easily think of 2-3
people whom you LIKE to send the Herpes Plushie
(or whatever Plushie) too, can't you?
Mhmmmm thought so.


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