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[NSFW!]2 Chainz Makes It Rain on "Anti-Gravity" HUGE Booty Strippers

This is HIGHLY AMUSING, at least to us it was.
2 Chainz was recently caught on video at the Essex
Gentleman's Club in Phoenix doing what of course?
MAKING IT RAIN on strippers of course!
It's the strippers that amused us, not only do they
pull some crazy "anti-gravity" tricks on the pole but
dayyyyummm, one stripper has got quite a big booty
(as seen at 2:03 in the video).
Props to her for being able to slang all that a**
around like that. Of course I guess if you're a stripper
and a hip hop artist like 2 Chainz pops in with his crew,
you move that azz or go broke fast.

[WARNING: Video most likely NSFW!!]

2 Chainz Makes It Rain ... On Anti-Gravity Strippers


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