State Funds Macatawa Area Coordinating Council Work on Stormwater Reports

State Funds Macatawa Area Coordinating Council Work on Stormwater Reports

A regional planning group will help lakeshore governments get ready for state level review of their wastewater planning. 

The Macatawa Aarea Coordinating Council has received a Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater Program Grand of more than $120,000. Kelly Goward, a Watershed Project Manager with the MACC told WOOD Radio in this case, they'll serve Holland and Zeeland, Ottawa and Allegan County and both area's Road Commissions. "We'll be putting it all down into a planned format, putting procedures in writing so the state knows they are in complaince with the (wastewater) permits."

Michigan strengthened the language in governmental stormwater regulation more than a decade ago, Goward said they'll actually be reviewed in 2017. "This is about bringing the communities up to compliance with the new requirements, most of it is just getting it in writing, not that they're not following the correct standards." To miss the reporting requirements is to possibly be described as out of compliance and risk fines from the state.

Goward said they will be using Hope College's Frost Center as public advocates later in the year. "There will be opportunities for the public to be engaged in this planning process, reviewing some of the stormwater management plans that will develop." Much of the development will be taken up by Macatawa Council staff, Goward said the funding allows for consultant's work on some aspects of the reporting.


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