Michigan's Budget Transparency Earns B Grade

Michigan's Budget Transparency Earns B Grade

Michigan ranks 15th among all the states for the transparency of its online budget and spending posts.

The report was issued by the US Public Interest Group Education Fund.  Michigan was among 20 states to get a "B" grade.

Specifically, Michigan received 86.5 points in the ranking.

Among measures used in the study was if the state had an online checkbook and if was downloadable and searchable.

Michigan also received some additional points because of the level of detail, and because it can be downloaded in data format, allowing it to be analyzed.

The state also got points for posting economic development tax credit programs in "checkbook" format.

The leading states with the most comprehensive transparency websites are Indiana, Florida, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Idaho, Alaska and California all received grades of "F."


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