Why Dr. Luke owes Miley Cyrus a $10,000 toilet

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Why Dr. Luke owes Miley Cyrus a $10,000 toilet

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Unlike Dr. Dre, that other faux-medical badass beatmaker, Dr. Luke is a white guy.

So begins The New Yorker‘s wonderful profile of Dr. Luke, the 40-year-old hitmaker behind everything from “Since U Been Gone” to “I Kissed a Girl” to “Wrecking Ball.” If you’re looking for a taste of just how interesting this guy’s life has been, consider the following anecdote:

[Dr. Luke] can make a song that’s also a business plan. Still, it’s always a gamble. With “Wrecking Ball”, for example, [he] wasn’t sure it was a smash, and he wagered against it, telling Cyrus he would buy her a Numi toilet like his, the ultimate in potty technology (it has a Bluetooth receiver that can stream music from a smartphone), if he was wrong. Cyrus told me, “Contrary to what he thinks, Dr. Luke isn’t always right. I bet him him that ‘Wrecking Ball’ would go to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it did. Now he has to buy me a ten-thousand-dollar toilet. I’ll be thinking of him every time I go.”

Complex has compiled some of the other standout moments of the piece, but you should do yourself a favor and pick up a hard copy. And a Numi toilet, if you can swing it.


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